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Health and Wellness Challenges

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Health and Wellness Challenges are fun ways to promote health and wellness in your organisation. These events can be structured as one-day events or run over a period of up to one year. Challenges are specially adapted to fit the company environment and culture to ensure that the best results are achieved. The challenges create a positive climate of fun and camaraderie, and help employees to adopt or maintain a healthy way of living. The net result is an engaged and productive workforce who performs at a higher level.

Universal Corporate Wellness assists your company by planning and managing the challenge from start to finish and we tailor-make the event to suit your specific needs and goals. If the company so chooses health screenings can form part of the challenge.

Wellness amazing race

Fun and challenging team-based competition designed to motivate employees to work together as a team to overcome challenges in all 7 dimensions of wellness in the shortest time possible. Duration: 2:00 to 2:30 hours.

Survivor challenge

Team-based problem-solving challenges where teams compete for maximum points to progress to the next round. These challenges require and promote team work, communication, respect and trust among team members. Duration: 2 hours

Choose to lose

Weight loss challenge to encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle at work by providing focus, regular nutritional education, as well as weighing and measuring by a dietician. Promotes camaraderie and social interactions among employees. Duration: 6 weeks to 12 months

Universal fun run

Team-based relay competition designed to highlight the importance of regular physical activity in a fun and inclusive way. Duration: 1 hour


Structured desk-based stretching, strength exercises, performed as a team to combat a sedentary lifestyle. Duration: 2 minutes every 2 hours

Born to move

Born to Move is packed with laughter and music, focusing on fun exercise routines by learning a series of movements from dance, martial arts and yoga. These classes train body awareness, improve balance, agility, endurance, coordination and control. This event can also be structured as a competitive team-based activity. Duration: 30 minutes

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