Employee Wellness Programme
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About Universal Employee Wellness Programme( EWP)

About Universal EWP;By defining and assessing employees’ problems and challenges and responding with appropriate interventions, we share your passion for the well-being of your staff. This is our point of departure for the various interventions in the Universal Employee Wellness Programme (EWP).
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Universal EWP Universal Corporate Wellness is affiliated as a service provider with EAPA-SA (membership number SA/SP/E/0039). EAPA-SA is a member of EAPA – the world’s largest, oldest and most respected professional membership organisation for those in the EAP field.

EWP Services

Universal EWPPersonal, work-related and family relationship problems, if left unmanaged, can negatively impact an employer’s bottom line. An investment in an effective EWP can assist in improving health and morale in the workplace and keep employees optimally productive.

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Wellness Library

Universal EWPOur brochures offer informative and compelling wellness education and are quick and easy to read. This paves the way to addressing health and wellness issues, allowing employees to manage their overall health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices through reliable information and knowledge at their own pace.
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Absenteeism Management

Universal EWPNeed help with overuse, misuse and/or abuse of sick leave?

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Rehabilitation Services

Universal EWPNeed support in addressing substance misuse, abuse or dependence?

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