Employee Wellness Programme
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Counselling and Case Management

About Universal EWP;Looking for professional 24/7/365 counselling and case management support for your employees?
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Wellness Days

Universal EWPTailor-made wellness services delivered with a vibe to employees at their place of work.

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Executive Wellness

Universal EWPPopular, memorable and extraordinary options to maximise the health of your executives.

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Health and Wellness Challenges

Universal EWPFun, engaging, health and wellness team-based challenges

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Absenteeism Management

Universal EWPNeed help with overuse, misuse and/or abuse of sick leave?

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Rehabilitation Support

Universal EWPNeed support in addressing substance misuse, abuse or dependence?

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Physical Activity Programme

Universal EWPFitness programme to get your employees moving and improving their health.

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Nutritional Programme

Universal EWPBoost energy levels with our nutritional programme providing employees with a healthy eating plan and support

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