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Broadening your horizon with highly interactive and informative accredited training courses for Financial Services Providers.

Training Academy's Courses on Offer To accommodate the needs of our learners and their respective employers, we have developed a number of different learning avenues, or courses, through which the National Certificate in Wealth Management SAQA QUALID 57608 can be obtained.

All learning modules are INSETA registered skills programmes that are “unit standard” based. The courses are facilitated by INSETA accredited, qualified facilitators/trainers.

UTA’s course material is based on SAQA outcome based required principles whereby learners are facilitated and assessed on the following criteria:

  • Learner knowledge – information, facts, theories
  • Skills – practical application of knowledge
  • Values – acceptable standards and norms of society
  • Attitudes – characteristics of thinking/behaviours

At UTA we take a personalised and flexible approach to education. Each of our courses guarantees that the learner obtains the required minimum number of 120 credits in the shortest time possible, minimising time spent away from work. Timeous submission of the formative exercises and completion of the summative assessment (written examinations) are a pre requisite.

Learning Avenue 1 - Medical Schemes

Option 1

This is a three-module course.

  • Module 2 is worth 40 credits.
  • Module 3 is worth 41 credits.
  • Module 4 is worth 47 credits.

Training is modular based and customised according to employer group and individual requirements where possible.

Option 2

This is a stand-alone learning avenue worth 45 credits. The course accommodates learners who have already obtained 78 credits with another INSETA provider. This stand alone module will cover the outstanding seven Core United Standards and one Fundamental Unit Standard, required to complete the 120 credits.

Option 3

This learning avenue offers learners who have one or a few Unit Standards outstanding in order to complete the full qualification successfully, the opportunity to complete the required qualification by only completing only the required Unit Standard(s). Training is arranged on the notional hour requirement in terms of the number of credits required.

For convenience, distance learning is available to learners who are unable to attend the onsite training courses.

Learning Avenue 2 - Financial Planning

This is a three-module course.

  • Module 6 is worth 40 credits.
  • Module 7 is worth 39 credits.
  • Module 8 is worth 42 credits.

Training is modular based and customised according to employer group and individual requirements where possible.

Learning Avenue 3 – Employee Benefits (coming soon).

Course assessment and learner accreditation procedures

Assessments are conducted by qualified, accredited INSETA assessors/moderators who adhere strictly to a signed Code of Conduct, subscribing to principles that are fair, valid, authentic, relevant, reliable flexible and cost effective.

Each course requires learners to undergo the following:

  • Formative assessment

    Course material is broken down into bite-size chunks to ensure consistent and regular familiarisation with topics covered. It also means that learners are at all times acutely aware of their performance during the course of the programme. Formative exercises pose subject matter related questions to learners and learners are required to perform research in order to obtain facts, opinions and views on the exercises related to the specific subject matter, in the form of a Portfolio of Evidence (POE).

  • A Portfolio of Evidence (POE)

    The POE must be submitted within 3 months from course. The POE is part of the formative assessment and consists of two sections:

    Section 1 consists of administrative details e.g. personal information, CV, certified copy of ID, certified copies of previous qualifications.

    Section 2 consists of evidence, which includes formative exercises, as well as copies of relevant research articles.

  • Summative Assessment (A closed book, three hour exam)

    This is written after successful completion of the POE. The assessor will provide personalised feedback and guidance/assistance if requested.

    On completion of the course the POE is assessed by a registered, accredited assessor, and moderated by a registered, accredited moderator. Once the assessment and moderation processes are completed, the moderator and assessor submit their respective reports. The INSETA verifier will ensure that the entire process has met with the SAQA and SETA ETQ criteria, where after a final report signed off as “competent” will be issued.

    An INSETA certificate of competency will then be issued and learners will be uploaded on the National Learner Record Database (NLRD).


More about the Qualification!

UTA offers credits towards the National Certificate in Wealth Management SAQA QUALID 57608 through the Universal Financial Services Skills Programme.

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