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Health and Wellness Days

"One day can change your whole life"

About Universal Corporate Health and Wellness Busy lifestyles, stress, poor eating habits and physical inactivity are increasingly taking their toll on the workforce. Universal Corporate Health assists employers and employees in improving their health while reducing the costs associated with ill and absent employees. Universal offers:

  • A comprehensive needs analysis, prior to the implementation of interventions
  • Tailor-made solutions, meeting the needs of each individual client
  • On-site, high quality services at cost effective prices
  • Direct marketing and engagement with employees regarding their overall health and how best to improve it
  • Ongoing support in creating a culture of healthy living in the workplace
  • Guiding the continuum of care as needed
  • Corporate empowerment through comprehensive company reporting, including health and wellness observations and recommendations
Below are services and screenings to choose from (but are not limited to these):

Health screenings Blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, body fat percentage, tuberculosis (TB), lung capacity, eye examination and visual screening, hearing tests, dental screening and osteoporosis screening.
HIV counselling and testing (HCT) HCT on=site screening, HIV Wellness Programme Including enrolment, appropriate pathology tests and follow-up to ensure employees remain compliant to their antiretroviral treatment (ART)
Vaccination Flu vaccinations.
Nutrition Nutritional assessment, nutritional advice from dietitians, various food displays, and health smoothies.
Fitness Fitness assessment, fitness advice from a biokineticist, flexibility tests, office ergonomics.
Psychosocial Psychosocial stands and health risk assessments
Gender health Men's health - prostate specific antigen (PSA) test, do it yourself sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) test.
Women’s health – mammoscan, pap smear and breast examination, do-it-yourself Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) test.
Questionnaires Quick assessment tools on various health and wellness topics such as smoking habits, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, financial wellbeing etc.
Walk-thru Wellness Wellness screenings aimed at the busy executive. Convenient and quick due to no queuing
Employee Wellness Passport Boost the effect of your Wellness Day by providing your employees with the Universal Health and Wellness Passport. Educational information, Interpretation scales and general health guidelines is provided throughout the booklet, creating a high level of health awareness and empowering employees to take charge of their health. Benefits of the passport
  • It helps individuals to monitor their health and wellness status.
  • It encourages them to participate in organised health and wellness interventions.
  • It assists them to adhere to a regular check-up schedule.
Rewards Foot soak, hand, neck or shoulder massages, lucky draw, T-shirts and goodie bags or give-aways.

Download the Universal Corporate Health and Wellness Services Brochure.
Download the Health and Wellness Event request form.

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