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Employee Wellness Programme

About Universal 360°The Universal Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) focuses on partnering with client organisations in order to achieve healthy and productive employees. Our approach is to proactively focus on awareness, education and the promotion of health and wellness.
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Executive Health & Wellness Solutions

Universal 360° Executive HealthUniversal provides businesses with executive medicals in order to identify and address the healthcare challenges faced by executives. Healthcare questionnaires as well as a number of health assessments and consultations are conducted to provide a comprehensive health analysis. Customised corporate solutions including coaching, power talks, follow-up interventions and additional support services, are also available. read more

Health & Wellness Days

About Universal 360°Universal offers easily accessible, tailor-made healthcare services and solutions to employees at their place of work. Services include, among others on-site screenings, talks, vaccinations and consultations to encourage employees to embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The information gathered during health and wellness days, enables Universal to provide employers with comprehensive reporting on the health and wellbeing of employees. We are your partners every step of the way in improving the health, happiness and performance of your organisation and its employees. read more

Corporate Health and Wellness Talks and Workshops

Universal 360° Executive HealthUniversal offers an array of interesting and relevant health and wellbeing topics to encourage employees to take responsibility for their own health. Talks and workshops are an ideal way to educate employees in an interactive and relaxed way. Our sessions are conducted by professionals, and handouts are also provided for ease of reference after the event.
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Physical Activity and Nurtritional Programme

About Universal 360°The revolutionary Universal Physical Activity and Nutritional programmes are designed to get your employees on the road towards improved health through a number of tried and tested interventions. These programmes aim to improve physical activity and eating habits, thereby reducing direct and indirect corporate healthcare expenditure.
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Health & Wellness Challenges

Universal 360° Executive HealthTailor-made health and wellness challenges encourage employees to adopt a healthy way of living through a positive climate of fun and camaraderie. Challenges can be once-off, ongoing or regularly scheduled events and are customised to fit the work environment and culture of each individual company. A number of challenges are available to choose from, such as an amazing race, born to move challenge and fun more

Health and Wellness Consulting

Universal 360° Executive HealthUniversal will engage with employers to assist them with the development of health and wellness policies, annual wellness plans and creative health and wellness interventions. This will help raise awareness and will effectively address the health issues of employees. The aim of these consultations are to empower employers to make informed decisions, and to encourage and support employees to make the necessary lifestyle and behavioural changes required to lead a healthy and fulfilling more


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